, 2019-01-22 15:18:18

Be first. Be fast. Be more than one thing.

Be fast. Drive the limited 1st Edition.

Urban, practical, cool. And strictly limited, too. The 1st Edition of the new T-Cross is all these things. Available as an exclusive design and for a limited time only, the city SUV combines cutting-edge style and practical functions.

Surprisingly different. Incredibly versatile.

The T-Cross 1st Edition is a real all-rounder: it impresses with its intelligent equipment package with perfectly tailored components and plenty of freedom for spontaneous plans or extended journeys. Secure your limited 1st Edition from your Volkswagen dealership – and enjoy lots of chic trips in your T-Cross 1st Edition.

The flexible SUV adapts to meet your needs.

The new T-Cross is a true all-rounder. It not only impresses with its striking, dynamic design, but its flexibility, too. With its countless design options, it offers you more freedom – freedom for spontaneous plans, extended trips and the diversity of everyday life.

Everyday life can be this special, too.

Full of talent: the new T-Cross is functional and versatile. With its crossover design, wide range of customisation options, and outstanding practicality for everyday driving, it is the perfect combination of versatility and compact design. In short: it's ready for almost any adventure.

Shows its true colours.

The new T-Cross offers more versatility than any other car: with the optional “Black”, “Energetic Orange” and “Bamboo Garden Green” design packages – available from the Life specification package and above – you can make the T-Cross even more distinctive and a true style icon.

The perfect fit for anyone who doesn’t like to fit in.

Adapt the new T-Cross to your personal needs and choose between the T-Cross, Life and Style specification packages. As always, it is up to you to decide whether the specification lines meet your quality and comfort standards.

Spontaneity is always a good plan.

Are you the spontaneous type? Then the new T-Cross is the ideal companion for you. Thanks to the folding front passenger seat backrest and sliding rear seat bench, it is spacious and also flexible enough to adapt to any requirements. Your digital cockpit: the innovative, modern Active Info Display available on request. This system displays your driving data and provides visualisations of the driver assist systems.

High-resolution emotions.

Whether you require the latest traffic information, want to use the navigation system to reach your destination or simply fancy listening to your favourite tunes – the T-Cross comes with countless simple and convenient ways to use cutting-edge technology.

Dances to its own beat but is never out of sync.

The driver assist systems in your T-Cross ensure greater driving comfort and can help you deal with critical situations or even avoid them. Even if you don’t always notice this technology, it feels good to know that it’s there.